coryblaze emceeCory Blaze, the larger than life personality that has captivated the world from the moment it met him. He’s just that kind of guy. Cool, laid back, perfectionist.

Born in Phoenix, Arizona to his mother Cecelia and father Ted, Cory has been a character from birth. With his siblings; older sister Tisha, and young sister Tiffany, Cory is stuck in the middle. Younger Cory had the entertainment gene from the beginning. He was the happiest baby and the moodiest baby (in the morning) out of everyone. If there was a still quietness that rested upon his childhood home, his parents would know they would find Cory in a corner of his room or in the basement, a reversed box top as a stage and all his little action figures putting on a show for an audience of one.

If he wasn’t entertaining himself, Cory was directing his father to pin bed sheets from the linen closet on the wall to create a backdrop for his live singing performance he’d rehearsed for his entire family. Or a bed sheet would be clothes-pinned to the top of a box fan to inflate while Cory projected shadow images with his toys. The creativity of his mind was natural and never ending.

In school Cory honed his natural gift of music. He began playing the piano at the age of 6. His “big break”, according to Cory, was the Sunday morning he and his older sister Tisha were going to provide the music for the church youth choir. Cory on the piano, Tisha on the drums. If you ask Cory today, he still remembers that crowning moment as his mother sat second row to watch her babies. The song was “Ride On King Jesus”.

Cory later went on the study theater arts in high school. Taking the stage in many stage productions including “Mid-Summer Nights Dream”, “Ernie’s Incredible Illucinations”, and the musical “Sweet Charity”. Along with competing in the Cedar City Utah’s Shakespeare Festival. He discovered his gift of stage production when his high school teacher allowed Cory to design the stage lighting for Mid-Summer Nights Dream. In addition to his theater studies, Cory joined his good friend Shayna and started a high school band. Cory used his piano skills again performing at local fairs and school functions.

At the age of 19 Cory started his first company. He sold and designed business cards. The company aptly named CBlaze Designs. After desiring more knowledge about business Cory began business studies to take his knowledge to the next level. But he felt a need for more creativity outside of just paper products. In 2006 Cory started a video/event production company, Big Daddy Blaze Productions with his brother-from-another-mother Daniel. The company provided video and live event productions for nonprofit agencies in and around Arizona.

Then in 2008 Cory discovered talk radio while working a second job in Tempe, AZ. The first ever talk show he’d heard was Big O and Dukes on 101.5FM. From that point a new form of entertainment was on the scope of this continuous creative chaser. Cory found more and more talk radio shows from Adam Corolla, Don and Mike, Tom Lykis, and the Junkies. His love for talk radio was seeded. In 2009 when over the air radio companies decided that hot talk was no longer profitable all the shows went away. But only for a moment. The shows began popping up on the internet with this new thing called podcasting. He began studying talk radio again.

In 2011 Cory launched his own internet radio talk show, FatGuyRadioShow, under his own companies label BDB Production. Once the show garnered worldwide exposure BDB Productions merged to become BDB Radio Network in May 2013. Cory was joined by his good friend Phillipious along with several business advisers and coaches.

The creativity that comes naturally to Cory has awarded him the successes in his life. The never taking no for an answer approach will carry him far in his life. This chapter of his life is just beginning and there are many more opportunities coming his way.

What is next for Cory Blaze?