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I love Cory. He’s a sexy funny big guy. FatGuyRadioShow is the best show on earth! LOVE YOU CORY!!!!!

So Sexy

Cory has worked for everything God has blessed him with, yet he is the most down to earth guy I’ve ever met. I believe her has surrounded himself with people that remind him that he has come from nothing and that same nothing is just a misstep away. He’s often […]

Working with Cory at a fundraising event was amazing. He is an exceptional host and very humble. We couldn’t pay him but his passion behind our cause he agreed to do the event. He is the next big thing! Arizona is lucky to have produced such a talent.

Met Cory at the BBQ festival in Scottsdale. He was as funny in person as he is on his show. Love you Cory.

He’s the Best